Driving Range Netting


As much as you’d like to hit the links every time the golf bug bites, there are times when it’s just not possible. So, in the absence of an actual course, the next best thing would be to head out to a driving range and swing away to your heart’s content.

A driving range allows you to practice your swing without having to concern yourself about where your ball lands thanks to strong and reliable driving range netting.

Driving range nets

22mxfkdjfWithout these nets, driving ranges as we know them would be highly improbable and impractical. This is due to the potential damage to property that can be caused by golf balls traveling at high velocities.

To be able to operate, driving ranges would have to be built in out-of-the-way places and needless to say, golfers would have to travel considerable distances just to be able to practice their swings.

Driving range netting, by the nature of what it is needed for, is an impact-resistant material made of very tough nylon monofilaments that resist UV damage and are impervious to exposure. This netting also does not stretch or shrink and has a service life spanning more than a decade.

Typically, the nylon monofilaments used to make the nets are spun into nylon twine then woven into 7/8 inch nets. They are then treated to make them ready for extended service outdoors.


As driving ranges vary quite a bit regarding size, there is no “one-size-fits-all” kit for driving range nets. It is, however, sufficient to say that massive quantities of the netting are needed to cover any given driving range as well as adequately protect neighboring areas from any potential damage.

As one might imagine, putting up these nets is no simple endeavor. To accomplish this, a network of towers, poles, cables and wires have to be properly planned, built then put into place before the actual netting even goes up. As such, it is vital that a licensed, experienced contractor be hired to get the job done.

Beyond Driving Ranges

The utility of golf nets cannot be overstated. Driving range nets are indispensable to the enjoyment of the sport and pastime that is golf. In fact, these nets are not confined to driving ranges. As large and sprawling as they are, many golf courses also use driving range nets as barriers to spare damage to residential or commercial properties that they may share borders with.

Driving range nets may also be used for much smaller, backyard enclosures. An avid golfer might choose to build a small backyard range or should space not be available, a golf cage or perhaps even acquire much smaller mobile barriers that can be used even indoors.

33kdjgjAside from protection, driving range nets also help to secure a property by closing off access to it. Of course, nets should not be used in place of proper walls or fences and should by no means be relied on for such a purpose. That said, however, nets would still present a substantial barrier that should discourage any would-be trespasser.

All told, driving range nets are a wonder of versatility. They allow golfers to practice a long range projectile sport in places that would otherwise be off-limits. Because of these nets, a good number of driving ranges can be found very near commercial and residential areas, thus making golf a practical pursuit for many.