Products that make your teeth yellow

Cigarettes and coffee are widely known to spoil white teeth. Many of us do not know that the food we eat can greatly contribute to yellow teeth as well. Some foods are not only harmful to the teeth but your general health. It is advisable to remove such foods in your diet once you realize them. Well, not all foods are dangerous, yes they might result in yellow teeth, but the body cannot do without them. They contain minerals and vitamins which are of great importance to the well-being of the body. Fortunately, there are methods to reduce their effect on the teeth. The article will broadly discuss some of the products which result in yellow teeth. It will give you details on how to maintain a healthy diet and keep your white smile as well. Read on.

Products that lead to yellow teeth

  • Black tea. You will find yourself craving black tea from time to time. Did you know that black tea contains tanine? Tanine is on the top list of products that change the color of teeth. The look of your teeth will get worse if you combine black tea with other products known to cause yellowing of the teeth. So what is the solution to the above? The only way out is to drink more of green tea. It is not associated with yellowing of teeth in any way. We all know of its amazing health benefits.
  • Cola drinks, beverages and soda. All the above contain different types of acids know to destroy the enamel of the teeth. It is interesting that sports drinks contain more of the dangerous acids. If you are fond of sports drinks or any of the above drinks, reduce or stop their intake completely.
  • Sweets. We all know that sugar is among the worst enemies of our teeth. The more you suck or chew candy, the more danger you are exposing your teeth to. Sugar is very dangerous because it contains most of the products known to destroy the teeth.
  • Wine. Both white and red wines affect the teeth. They contain large percentages of tanine. We all are aware of the dangers as discussed in point one above.
  • Brightly colored sauces and spices. The enamel has pores. Bright colors will penetrate and change the color of teeth with time. Spices with bright colors have the same effect too.
  • Fruit juices and fruits. Fruits are of great benefit to the body. Do not remove them from your diet. But rinse your mouth with clean water after taking them.