An Ultimate Guide To The Best Hotels In Cebu City

Planning to visit Cebu City soon? As one of the best cities in Philippines, Cebu has attracted many investors in recently to invest in world class five star hotels to cater for the many visitors trickling every day. Cheap hotels in cebu are readily available, whether coming for business or as tourists. These visitors are, however, looking for accommodation facilities which will offer both affordability and value. With the numerous options in this city and the right information, getting such accommodation is possible. The list below indicates some of the popular hotels known to provide affordable accommodation in Cebu.

The best affordable hotels in Cebu

Southpole Central Hotel

dfgdfgfdgfdgfdgfdgThe hotel competes head to head with the other accommodation giants of the same class, thus offering all the amenities an accommodation seeker wants. Upon checking in, you can rest assured to enjoy a free continental cuisine breakfast with a wide selection. All business persons who rely on the internet can enjoy free uninterrupted and high-speed wifi on 24/7 basis. Whether you love to relax on the balcony and enjoy the breathtaking views or at the lounge and enjoy a cocktail, then count this as available amenities. The sleep quality is perfect with world class spacious rooms and ready hot showers. This is indeed a paradise at the heart of the city.

The Radisson Blue Hotel

If you are looking for class and elegance, then this hotel is probably the best bet. Shopping lovers opt for this hotel as it is near major shopping malls interconnected by a bridge. The rooms are well equipped to serve all types of clients including family rooms, deluxe suites and a presidential unit for the optimum luxury. Their bars and restaurants are well themed to keep clients needs a priority. For people looking for entertainment, then taking a plunge at the world class swimming pool as a family will serve best.

Harolds Hotel

dfgdgdgfdgfdgfdgfdgIts fame cuts across the world for hospitable staff from the front of the office to the back of the house. So, if you enjoy the morning smiles and all the magic words from the staff around you, then books a room here. The general hotel standards are five stars from the amenities to the structure of the building. The rooms are spacious and well equipped both for business visits and holiday takers.


Cebu city has many more hotels beside the three highlighted above. The above list shows some of the best. However, more information is found online under Cebu City hotels.

The Benefits Of Marine Decking Business

You could be living near the beach and start wondering what type of business you can engage in. The marine decking is an excellent business idea for you to start. You can decide to buy your boats and employ workers or rent the place to other deck owners.
Let us have a look at various benefits of marine decking business

The Foot Traffic

When you decide to start renting space for marine decking in a larger space, it means several boats can ferry people and hence no heavy foot traffic. Most boats are used for fishing while others may have the yachts that they use during the free time. So it is of much benefit if you rent out a larger space to allow the many water activities take place. If you can have your boats, the better for you.

High Maintenance

For customers to use your boat, it must look new with no worn outs. Boat owners will compete for customers if only their boats are of standard. The renting out of the decking business will give you a lot of income if only deck owners highly maintain their boats. If it is you who own the boats, it will be of double earning since the whole business is entirely yours.

Long Service And Durability

The marine decks are specifically made and designed for the wet environments. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to get worn out easily or discoloured because of having contact with water. This makes them serve longer before requiring repairs or coloring. They are also durable because they provide the service for a longer period before getting worn out. It is thereby a money saving business from the frequent repairs and replacements. You can succeed in this marine docking if you decide to own your decks since you are near the beach.


Marine docking is cheap to travel. Therefore most people prefer travelling by water instead of the other means of transport.As a business owner, you will benefit highly because of the high number of customers travelling daily. The more the customers, the high the income and profit.

Luxury Means Of Transport

Most travellers prefer travelling by water because it portrays the nature part of it. People tend to choose dock travel due to its luxury and the peaceful mood of travel. That is why you find most tourists choose this mode of travel because it is cool and enjoyable without destructions of traffic and noise. Marine boating provides the adventure and beauty that is incomparable and incredible. Since you are near the beach, this is the best business opportunity for you. Maximize on the available resources which are water.


As people travel by water, you as the dock owner must ensure that precautions and preparatory measures like life jackets for everybody on board are available, first aid kits are at their place, sound devices are available and the navigating maps. These will help during the bad weather conditions, during storms and also during high tides. Check out Decks & Docks for any assistance that you need to have a successful business.